Indians and Aliens.

 April, 2012

TheIt hadn't been just the Mayans with warnings about the end concept for the movie “Cowboys and Aliens” had been incredibly clever, but it may surprise you to learn, (as it had me), there’s a profound connection between Indians and Aliens.

Even if you want to reject the notion of aliens, consider this logic: If alien spacecrafts are in our skies, it makes sense aliens are piloting or controlling them.

Alien spacecrafts ARE in our skies and there’s been an alarming increase of well-documented sightings.

As I’d said in Rogue Attitude’s flipping book after publishing the warnings from Earth’s Indigenous Grandmothers that Earth is in her eleventh hour, I’d like to tell you there’s no cause for alarm with these increased UFO sightings.  But, again, this isn’t the case.

According to the documentary, Fastwalker, the United Nations reports there have been over 150 million people claiming to have seen UFOs since 1947.  (And over 20,000 of these have documentation). It’s long been suspected governments have hidden whatever they’ve discovered about UFOs.  A whopping 70% of Americans believe the government isn’t telling us what they know.


It is time for the people of the U.S. to launch a new war against the evil of lies, deceit, and darkness, and go all out to win the victory of truth, transparency, and light.” ~Paul Hellyer, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, former Canadian Minister of Defence, founder of the Canadian Action Party, on UFO disclosure, 2008


When President Clinton had been asked by White House reporter, Sarah McClendon, why he wouldn’t do anything about UFO disclosure, he’d responded in an interesting way.


“Sarah, there is a government inside the government and I don’t control it”.  ~President Bill Clinton


Clinton’sWhat Alien secrets are kept at Roswell? statement screams other questions and did nothing to quell suspicions that America’s government, or government inside our government, is withholding information about UFOs.

One thing that had stuck out in my mind, mingled with warnings from the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, had been the expression,  “Galactic Dawn”.

A Galaxy, keep in mind, is an enormous system of stars held together by mutual gravitation, separated from similar systems via vast regions of space.  “Galactic” encompasses a whole lot more than Earth.

According to Clara Shinobu Iura, the tribal elder from the Amazon,  33 years ago, for 3 months, she’d been visited by “Star Beings”.  These Star Beings had confirmed, along with giving Clara a warning for us, the Mayan’s prediction of a Galactic Dawn; a mass awakening  to our cosmic origins and intergalactic relationships.

TheThe magestic Spiral Galaxy NGC 4414 Mayan elder, Flordemayo, says, “We humans have disrespected so much that in this time of movement, where the celestial doors have opened and heavenly beings are coming from the four directions to help us, if we don’t do what we’ve been asked to do, well… the results will be sad.  We must learn how to wake up and stay awake during these dark and changing times.”

Pretty fascinating, that expressions like, “celestial doors, Star Beings, Galactic Dawn, cosmic origins and intergalactic relationships”, are coming from indigenous tribes around Earth.

Because the Star Beings had been witnessing materialism as well as technology polluting and destroying our terrestrial atmosphere, they’d directed Clara to give us their message before the “grand catastrophe” that would bring much destruction and disgrace to humanity, something already prophesied by people with sacred knowledge.

The Hopi, in fact, have foretold a grand catastrophe.

They’d prophesied 9 things would occur before this cataclysmic event, among them railroads, (the land shall be criss-crossed by snakes of iron),  highways, (the land shall be criss-crossed by rivers of stone), the internet, (the land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web), and oil spills, (you will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it).

TheStruggling for survival after an oil spill 9 signs in Hopi prophecy, the signs great destruction is coming, (we’re very close to the tipping point), have all occurred.

Because our schools don’t teach about them, let me give you a little Hopi history.  They have lived where America is continuously from ancient times.  They’ve never released their aboriginal claim to land comprised of 44,000,000 acres and believe this land is meant to be without man-made boundaries.  The American Southwest is known to the Hopi as the spiritual center of our continent.


“We true Hopi are obligated to the Great Spirit never to cut up our land, nor to sell it. For this reason we have never signed any treaty or other document releasing this land. We have protested all these moves, but to no avail.” ~



TheirUnindentified Hopi, taken in 1906 history teaches they were part of Earth’s original inhabitants.

Before Earth’s original inhabitants had begun migrating, the people named Hopi were given a set of stone tablets into which laws had been inscribed by the Great Spirit, Massau’u: Guardian of the Earth.  (Original peoples from around the world had been given stone tablets).

Among the laws the Hopi had been given were preserving Earth’s natural balance and living peacefully.  The Hopi had vowed to keep the laws of the Great Spirit.

A significant aspect of Hopi prophecies involves a part of these stone tablets that are missing.  (I’ll explain this in a bit).

Once on this continent, Hopi people had carved the Great Spirit’s instructions on a rock near Oraibi, Arizona, so they’d never forget.

The arrival of another race is foretold in their stone tablets and their rock writing.  This race would claim the Hopi’s land as theirs and also try changing the Hopi’s sacred ways, using a “sweet” or “forked” tongue to tempt them.  This race would use force to try to get the Hopi to use weapons, (which the Hopi, as directed by the Great Spirit, would not do).


“…we must not fall for this trick, for then we ourselves would be brought to our knees from which we might not be able to rise.  Nor must we ever raise our hand against any nation.”  ~Hopi response to violence brought by white settlers


Also on the rock carving is a series of final warnings to be told to the world before what is called “The Great Purification” by fire.

On what the Hopi call the second Mesa, near Mishongnovi, Arizona, is another important rock carving.

In 1970, Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva revealed to reporters for Arizona’s Prescott Courier that the petroglyph at the second Mesa shows a connection between the First Nation and visitors from space; its carving depicting a flying saucer and space travel.


“We believe other planets are inhabited and that our prayers are heard there. The arrow on which the dome-shaped object rests, stands for travel through space.” ~Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva


THe Hopi Chieftain had told this to reporters after there1952 UFO photo taken in New Jersey had been numerous UFO sightings in Arizona, which he’d seen as partial fulfillment of Hopi prophecy given by the Great Spirit.

Depicted with the petroglyph’s dome shape is a Hopi maiden, which Chief Katchongva explained represents purity and warns of the coming Great Purification, (the grand catastrophe in the form of a cleansing of Earth), when true Hopi will be flown to other planets in ships without wings.


“We, the faithful Hopi, have seen the ships and know they are true.”  ~Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva


Because the prophecies have been fulfilled, we are at the crossroads, though, where we determine the fate of humanity.  (Hence, it’s Earth’s eleventh hour).  The Hopi call the times we’re in now “The Purification Times”.

We have an opportunity to return to the sacred circle shown given to the Hopi by the Great Spirit, (a life of harmony and abundance), or take a jagged road, leading farther from our spiritual path.


“Hopi is the bloodline of this continent, as others are the bloodline of other continents. So if Hopi is doomed, the whole world will be destroyed. This we know, because this same thing happened in the other world. So if we want to survive, we should go back to the way we lived in the beginning, the peaceful way, and accept everything the Creator has provided for us to follow.” ~Letter from the Hopi Nation to President Nixon, 1970


“…this same thing happened in the other world.”  < — Did you catch that?

If humanity takes the road leading us further from our spiritual path, the Purification by fire will come.


“The white man, through his insensitivity to the way of Nature, has desecrated the face of Mother-Earth.  The white man’s advanced technological capacity has occurred as a result of his lack of regard for the spiritual path and for the way of all living things.  The white man’s desire for material possessions and power has blinded him to the pain he has caused Mother Earth by his quest for what he calls natural resources.  All over the country, the waters have been tainted, the soil broken and defiled, and the air polluted.  Living creatures die from poisons left because of industry.  And the path of the Great Spirit has become difficult to see by almost all men, even by many Indians, who have chosen instead to follow the path of the white man.”  ~Letter from the Hopi Nation


ANuclear explosion called "Badger" on military test site in Nevada. Purification – by fire – will be preceeded by a shaking of Earth to and fro and white men battling other people on other land then there will be many columns of smoke and fire on this continent.  Hopi believe this indicates the United States could be destroyed by atomic bombs and radioactivity.

Whatever causes the columns of smoke and fire, disease and “a great dying” will follow.

The land in the Southwest that’s called the spiritual center of the Hopi is bordered by 4 sacred mountains, which their prophecies say have a special purpose for humanity’s survival.  Not only is it prophesied that Hopi will be safe in this spiritual center, but those who stay and live in the places of the Hopi will be safe.  (This will also be an oasis refugees may flee to).

These who survive the Purification by fire will begin rebuilding then, shortly after,  Pahana will appear.

Pahana is the Hopi’s True White Brother “from the stars”.  Proving he is their lost brother, Pahana will carry the missing part of the stone tablets.

Pahana’s return won’t be good news for all those who survive the Purification by fire.


“Near Oraibi, the Plan of Life was clearly shown and we know that those who have forsaken the original teachings will pay with their lives when the True White Brother comes.”  ~Hopi Chief Dan Katchongva


Pahana won’t be alone.  He’ll come with an army who will cover the ground like red ants.  This army will sever the heads of those who’ve been unfaithful.

Pahana’sThe magic is in the heart of Earth. return will mark the dawn of the Fifth World and he’ll plant seeds of his wisdom in hearts. (Even now, the Hopi say, these seeds are being planted which will help the faithful merge into the Fifth World).

The Star Beings had given Clara a mission.  She’d been instructed to warn us not to  forget spiritual consciousness nor God, the Great Spirit and Creator of all things.


“We Grandmothers here are holding each others’ hands, illuminating this path so we can bring health to this Mother Earth and heal the wounds She is suffering from; wounds made by ignorant men, ignorant of the truth of the Light and of the Creator. The message from the Beings of the Stars is that it is necessary for everyone to open their hearts to the truth of the Spirit, of the Spirit World, as it is this truth that will lead to our salvation.”  ~Clara Shinobu Iura, Santo Daime from the Amazon Rain Forest, International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers


Some of the most ancient prophecies about present times are from the Mayan culture…  Yet, at this pivotal point in time, the Mayans say we still have choices.    ~Grandmothers Counsel the World, by Carol Schaefer


TimeGod's eye. is running out, but indigenous tribes around the world say you still have a choice.






People everywhere must give Hopi their most serious consideration, our prophecies, our teachings, and our ceremonial duties, for if Hopi fails, it will trigger the destruction of the world and all mankind. I have spoken through the mouth of the Creator. May the Great Spirit guide you on the right path.  ~Letter from the Hopi Nation


Part 2 – Tribes, aliens and Nibiru


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7 comments on “Indians and Aliens.

  1. The state of the world is definitive proof that the direction we have been pursuing is misguided. The world of materialism is the path to self destruction and yet it is almost impossible to escape this web into which we are born and in which 99.9% of us are entrapped. Without a great awakening we cannot escape the strands of this web. Knowledge is useless, even dangerous when seperated from wisdom. Those that control the levers of the world are sadly blinded by their ego, greed and lust for earthly power.

    Each one of us must work as hard as we can to awaken their spirit. We must come together to show them the terrible error of their ways. We must demand change and we can best do that perhaps by changing ourselves and refusing to follow their road map to destruction.

    To all who work so hard to show us the light of truth, bless you.

  2. Has anyone read the book Thiaaouba prophecy? Its a really good book. A man was taken into space into other worlds by other beings. SO SO much of what the book says matches what the Hopi are saying. The main purpose is to become spiritually enlightened and open the eyes of your spirit. Some of the book is hard to understand if your like me and unsure of what it is to “believe” as a “faith”.
    Even without books, I always think “what is happening to Earth”? Doesn’t anyone else see Mother Earth and its inhabitants screaming out? People have become to immune. We are so blinded. There is TO MUCH destruction, hate, greed, murders, liars, thieves, starvation, floods, fires, and so on. The world and the people inhabiting it are getting worse and worse. No matter what you believe, this is plain as day: Mankind’s killing each other mentally and spiritually with greed and control. The Earth is screaming out to stop abusing her.

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