Rogue Attitude - Attitude AdjustmentAlthough Rogue Attitude sounds like the motto of a biker gang, the web site’s name is derived from a river, valley and First Nation Tribe in Southern Oregon.

Rogue Attitude




I changed profoundly after conversations I’d had with Agnes Baker Pilgram, Chairperson of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Agnes is an elder and Medicine Woman from the Takelma, (part of Rogue River Tribe).

Through talking with Agnes, I found out something I’d already sensed.  Maybe you’ve sensed this, too.

Indigenous tribes around the world are warning because of destruction of Earth, violence and greed, we are in our 11th hour.  

This is not intended to be a small statement.


Greedy fools could literally kill us all.  Soon.

Like caged animals, we’re sensing danger.  We can’t clearly articulate it, but we’re feelin’ it.

Past generations are trying to warn us.  Not only are tribes warning us, warning signs from religions are occurring.

The solution is ridiculously simple.  Condensed to one word it would be “Stand”.

Stand for what’s right.  Stand for freedom.  For justice.  For being the best human you can.

All we have to do is what we can.

We have to do it now. Rogue Attitude embellishment



Agnes Baker Pilgram is the one speaking in this movie preview: 


 May the future “us” have reason to thank us.

Rogue Attitude aims to please!








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